Wild Thing blues & my simple solution

Although I was leery of the new Where the Wild Things are movie by Spke Jonze, I have to admit I was disappointed to hear that the whole thing may be getting tossed.
I first heard this on Betsy Bird’s blog and, although she clearly liked the clip a lot better than I did, I had to agree with her that we were losing the chance for a magnificent movie.
Darkhorizons.com reported the news of the films possible demise and the possible cause:
A test screening late last year in Pasadena … young kids in the audience apparently began crying.
Maybe it’s time for someone to finally grant my wish: a movie like Fantasia, in which we get 8 to 10 different picture books — live action/animation, big budget/low budget, whatever the different directors want. This way we could see a picture book “come to life” without the need for 120 minutes of backstory/bathroom humor/cameo appearances/extra plot points.

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