Lizard Music gets better

Pinkwater’ prose is so chewy and tasty and goes down so easy that it’s easy for the reader to rip into it like  bag of Eggplant-flavored Potato Chips, devouring the whole thing in one crazy gobble.
But there’s another way to enjoy a Pinkwater book — the gourmet way, savoring each morsel.
Since it’s impossible to restrain oneself, however, we need help savoring and not gobbling.
That’s why Pinkwater’s audio books are so wonderful. Whether it’s the magnificent new Neddiad on CD or one of his free, downloadable books, you just can’t beat having Pinkwater read his books to you. The nuances and flavors that you missed while gobbling, now become clear as Pinkwater takes his time reading the stories.
I’ll never forget that first time that I gobbled down Lizard Music and the outrageousness of it all had me flopping about the room in hysterics.
But, now, I’m enjoying the chance to savor it and let me tell you it is mighty fine.
By the way, I went over to the Pinkwater Forum and asked about the possibility of an Alan Mendelsohn audio book and DP responded that it “may possibly” happen. That may possibly be the greatest thing ever! (although I’m also very excited about the coming serialization of the Neddiad sequel.)

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  1. How do I get ahold of eggplant-flavored potato chips?

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