He’s not Joey Pigza

Cece and I both recently read and loved Joey Pigza Swallows the Key.
But there’s a real-life Joey in our neck-of-the-woods who has greatly impressed me by coming back for a sequel.
Joey Walters.
Cece and I met Joey Walters at a restaurant a few years ago when he came to our table and starting talking non-stop. Great kid, obviously.
Then last year he tried out for his high school baseball team and not only would the coach not let him be on the team because of his medical condition which includes seizures, but the coach wouldn’t even let him be a manager. It turned into a big ugly brouhaha — Cece and I both signed a petition to “Let Joey Play” — but the coach won in the end.
Well, this year there’s a new coach. (Not sure if the old coach was fired for being a pighead, but let’s hope.) And so Joey is trying out for the baseball team again!
You can read all about it, here: http://www.roanoke.com/news/nrv/wb/151432
The coach seems to be signaling that he’ll be glad to make Joey a manager, but who isn’t rooting for Joey to make the team? (Other than the ex-coach?)

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