A Dexter / Nexus connection?

I have not seen Dexter, but the recent spate of publicity has alerted me to its plot: a serial killer of serial killers.
This, of course, reminded me of the great Nexus series by the great Mike Baron and the great Steve Rude from Capitol(?)/First/Dark Horse. Nexus was a serial killer of serial killers, a subset of his overall target — mass murderers. (In my opinion the very best comic book series ever made and one which I continued to read long after I had grown too stingy to read others. This was not just a vigilante book, the story is much more complex and involving than that.)
I’m not saying that Dexter is a Nexus rip-off. Dexter is a blood-splatter expert, Nexus rules a planet and, famously, uses Hyperspeed.
However, it’s frustrating that after Steve Rude tried for so long to get Nexus made into an animated TV show, that another show with a similar plot is finding so much success.
OR maybe it’s paving the way for Nexus, The Show.

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