This Valentine’s Day: Fall in love with Qwikpick all over again!

(Lyle and Marilla, from the Qwikpick cover by Derek Kirk Kim.)
That’s right, Qwikpick is a love story!
–I thought you said it was about sewage.
Yes, it’s a sewage love story.
–About loving sewage?
No. A real love story. A romance. A tale as old as time.
-Involving sewage.
Let’s take a look back at an excerpt from the book, when we first learn of Lyle’s devotion to Marilla:
From Section II of the Official Report of the Qwikpick Adventure Society’s Journey to see the Fountain of Poop:
[Typed]Marilla has asked me to say right away that she isn’t the girlfriend of either one of us. Nor will she fall in love with either one of us during the course of events typed up in this document.
[In Lyle’s handwriting]Another personal note: I have liked Marilla for a long time now and so just because she says she doesn’t fall in love with either one of us, do not give up hope! Wheels will be set in motion!

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