Blackhand Gang fans … Get a Clue!

I got a UPS package early this morning bearing…
A Get A Clue ARC!!! Thanks, Justin!
Here’s the set-up-
Two boys and a girl. They hang out at a local shop and use the shop’s attic as their HQ…
WHAT? That sounds just like my own Qwikpick!
Well, so now there are two great books with that set up….
Librarians, bookstore owners, teachers, children – order these awesome books now! $5 each? That’s the bargain of the year!

  • Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Pub. Date: May 01, 2008 ISBN-13: 9780448448732
  • You may recall my elation at finding out that the son of Black Hand Gang writer Hans Jurgen Press was carrying on the tradition and that a new set of adventures would be coming out under the name Get a Clue by Julian Press.
    Well, I’ve seen it and it’s the answer to a 30-year desire – I have always, always, always wanted more Blackhand Gang. A solid non-kidsy mystery with a lavish illustration on every other page, which the reader must search thoroughly for clues. And it’s not just looking, you’ve got top put your brain in gear to know what to look for.
    The set-up of GetAClue is the same, but there are differences: Different kids, different gang, different animal sidekick… but, oh my stars, the guy can draw like a house on fire! Just like his father! But Julian’s style is a little different. And some of his tricks are downright sneaky!
    blackhand.jpg clue2.jpg
     Blackhand Gang by Han Jurgen Press and Get A Clue by Julian Press
    In the arc the drawings are a little fuzzy, but still the look is there. Black, white, one shade of gray – wonderful!
    There seem to be some translation problems and some of the Americanizations are a little forced, but hopefully some of this will be improved when the final edition comes out.
    There also seems to be some confusion about the main characters. One is introduced as a stud, but somehow shrinks into a geek. (I like the geek better, of course.) The two other characters seem rather undefined in the pictures. Again, it may just be the ARC.
    For 30 years I’ve regretted not getting a perfect score on the original Black Hand Gang. So I was determined to get every clue this time.
    ALAS, Julian Press outsmarted me! I’ve missed two already. Like I said, he’s trickier!

    5 Responses

    1. The Black Hand Gang was my favorite childhood book. I would stare at the pictures over and over even though I kind of knew where to look. They were so much fun. I Googled the name and am glad to see that there is a new generation of books to read. Thanks for the post.

    2. I just finished the first mystery in the Treasure of Blackbird Pond and it was terrific!

      Julian Press definitely created the same kind of intricately detailed drawings that made the Adventures of the Black Hand Gang one of my favorite books.

      Thanks, Sam, for writing about this new set of books that blend artistry with mystery.

    3. What other books are there that are the same as the blackhand gang. Did H J press write anymore. I loved the book as a child and now my son is reading it and we want Please help

    4. A far as I can tell, the original Blackhand Gang book was the only Blackhand book translated into English.

      That’s why these new Get A Clue books by his son are so exciting! Try one. They’re bargain priced!

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