A Great Day in Crickenburg

Wow, what a fantastic time I had at Falling Branch Elem., this morning which is in Christiansburg which is, of course, the real life version of Crickenburg, the setting for the Qwickpick Adventure Society.
One teacher told me that my book was a great way to get the kids revved up for their upcoming Standards of Learning Test on writing. That was great to hear! Maybe I can get more teachers to give it a try. The book is all about kids using their brains and trying to tell their story in words, even if that means writing a haiku about sewage. And it’s just right for fifth graders and they’re the ones that have to take the mighty test.
3/4 of the kids had read my book. (Or actually their teachers had read it to them.) I got to listen in as one class told their teacher what the best parts were. Poop Fountain, Origami Pegasus and Meeting Marilla.
The teacher had the kids learn to play Penny Basketball from the diagram in the book. So I challenged a few and largely made a fool of myself. However the payoff came when this girl beaned me in the head with a bad shot! (This may have been captured on video by a teacher.)
A giant pile of new kid poems for the next Poetry Friday. Good and gross!
The principal walked in while I was reading the poems. And I was wondering, “Has she been briefed on what is about to come out of my mouth?” Apparently she was cool with it!
During autograph time a girl had me sign a Veggie Tales “Wizard of Oz” poster. Why? I have no idea, but I was flattered.
Another kid wanted me to sign a doodled on clipboard and he says something like: Sign the insane rat’s head.
The kids had some great questions:
Did Lyle ever beat Marilla’s high score on Ms. PacMan? (Answer: No, but Marilla has beated it herself.)
Am I rich? (No.)
Am I still friends with Dave and Marilla? This question made me cry on the way home. It’s a complicated world, kids.

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