Please, don’t hit the comic book lady!

My friend Steve over at Plastic Pumpkins is such a great writer, without even trying to be. He recently posted scans from a new old comic he bought. And to introduce it, he tells this great story about where he got it:
If you have ever collected comic books (and there are probably similar examples in every other collectibles field) then you’ve met that old lady at the local antique mall with the box full of crumbling, coverless and written-the-high-hell-all-over comics from the last ten years, individually wrapped in gallon size generic sandwich baggies and reasonably priced for around twenty to fifty dollars a pop. It’s okay to hit that old lady.*
To find out what comic was so train-tastic that  he bought it from the old lady anyway, go to Plastic Pumpkins. (Note: Plastic Pumpkins is PG-13 or so.)
*Note: It’s not really okay to hit old ladies.

2 Responses

  1. Okay, but can I at least give her a quick poke in the ribs?

  2. And I should mention that my latest “Kick Off To Valentine’s Week” post might be pushing that PG-13 envelope a bit, so some of you might want to avoid Feb. 11th!

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