Two Yodas and two stories

On the right we have the first ever Yoda action figure — yes, I may have lost hundreds of gloves, jackets, hats and important documents throughout my life, but I’ve still got Yoda’s belt, stick and snake after 28 years!
On the left we have a newer model, a really nice little figure with great details and a wonderful expression, who sits on my desk near my computer these days.
 Each one of these has a story, too.
 The newer Yoda came from my agent. Knowing my love of Yoda, she sent me a Double Jedi Pack from Disneyland that has Yoda and … Jedi Mickey. (Is Mickey really a Jedi? Well, like Luke he was a sorcerer’s apprentice…)
The original Yoda was from my grandmother. Believe it or not, once upon a time you couldn’t go into just any store and buy a Yoda action figure. They were hard to come by, especially in South West Virginia. My grandmother, who had absolutely no idea who Yoda was, found one and mailed it to me that summer.
I still remember getting it and wished I had kept the letter that came with it, in which she made some remark about how ugly he was. Yoda ugly? Well,  just remember, she never saw the movie.

4 Responses

  1. Oh, wow. That original one is too cool. I want it!!! And I love the story about your grandmother finding it for you.

    Did you know that Lego has a “Yoda Build and Connect Pen”? I don’t know how I feel about that.

  2. Personally, I feel just fine about the Yoda build and Connect Pen….
    I love Star Wars legos. My only complaint being that they didn’t make them when I was a kid, since Legos and Star Wars were two of my favorite things.

    I think the motorized Lego AT-AT is completely kung-fu!

  3. Oh, we’re big Lego fans around here. My daughter (18) gave my husband a Lego kit for Christmas, because “Mom, I want to buy him something FUN!” I just wasn’t too sure about Yoda in that picture. He didn’t look powerful, and that’s how I think of Yoda. But he would make an awesome writing companion, now wouldn’t he?

  4. I have the original Yoda from when I bought 2nd hand Star Wars figures off of a friend in 5th grade. The new Yoda seems odd without his Gimer stick (why is it a Gimer stick, anyway?). I just wish that we could see the deleted footage of Yoda wrestling with an orange snake.


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