The The Monty Hall Problem Simulator

The Monty Hall Problem is the sort of thing that could have Lyle and Dave arguing for hours.
I’ve been reading up on it recently and it’s been nagging at my withered brain cells.
If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a cunning math problem disguised behind a game show format and designed to destroy your brain. There’s three doors, behind one is a car, behind the others are goats. You choose, Monty messes with your mind, etc… (read more about it on WikiP:
Reading the correct answer to the problem will only make you angrier.
Luckily, someone has made a Flash simulator of the problem so that you can easily test it. (Actually you could easily test it with three pieces of paper and a buddy, but…)
After nine tries I had gotten a perfect 33% to 66% ratio. How improbable is that?

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  1. I’d heard about this solution before yet still performed poorly. My stubborn streak did not serve me well in this game, I’m afraid. Stubborn as a goat, you might say.

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