Wowzer! A Wonderful review from World of Words

I had started to think that everyone who was going to review Qwikpick had already done so. Then, right out of the blue, comes this swell review from World of Words!
I was fairly sure that she had read or at least looked at my book and I was afraid she was too polite to say what she thought about it. Turns out she liked it!
Her review contains this wonderful line, which would look great on the cover of a paperback version:
“It’s poop–well done.”
She also wrote this, which really really pleases me:
“Do you know a reluctant boy reader? Then go, buy this book!”
Although I certainly hope girls and non-reluctant readers will read it, too!

One Response

  1. My apologies for being soooo late with my review. Truth by told, my husband is redoing my office and almost all of my books are boxed up. I unearthed some of my books this weekend. So sorry it took so long! I loved the book (and I’m glad you liked the review). I’m taking this book to school tomorrow, where it will be passed around my room like Diary of a Wimpy Kid among the boys.

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