Crickenburg Middle School here I come!

Tomorrow’s a big day for me. My first author visit to Crickenburg Middle School — yes, the very same school that the kids go to in my book, Qwikpick.
It’s really called Christiansburg Middle School, of course, and Lyle, Dave and Marilla don’t really go there. But I’m hoping to meet some kids that have the Qwikpick spirit.
This won’t be a full author visit, however, I’ll just be doing a reading for Black History Month.
After some hesitation, I’ve decided to read them exceprts from Matt Henson’s account of reaching the North pole with Peary. Peary, Henson and two eskimos were the first people to ever reach the pole.
However, Peary and Henson weren’t saints and I have a little reluctance to hold them up as heroes.
Then there’s the problem of what Henson writes about the climactic pole-reaching moment — it’s faithful servant kind of stuff.
100 years later it seems absolutely awful, in fact.
But Henson’s accounts of the ice and the journey are riveting stuff, so hopefully one way or another I’ll come through it.

2 Responses

  1. By the way, your friend Lyle Hertzog has been time-traveling. I saw him at the Cafe Soleil this past weekend, and he was a waiter in his early-twenties.

  2. Lyle * Time Travel = Smash Sequel!

    Using his magic typewriter, Lyle challenges the great Penny Basketball players from throughout history…. etc…

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