King of Kong – Duke of SpyHunter

We watched King of Kong last night and it is indeed a great documentary – if not an impartial one.
As soon as it was over I couldn’t wait to look online and see who indeed has the current Donkey Kong high score. I don’t want to post a spoiler, but if you’ve seen the movie you need to see this:
What frustrated me about the movie was that several years ago I had a similar idea for a news story.
I discovered that my college buddy Sal Luiso had one of the all-time highest Spy Hunter scores. (He still does!)
But I also found out that there was a bit of controversey around the top score.
The #2 all-time score is 800,000 something. The number 1 score is 9 MILLION something.
You can imagine why the #2 guy might wonder about that #1 score.
 The  record holder didn’t seem to want to try again, but has a Website defending his score:
I thought it would make a great Wall Street Journal middle column feature. However, since I don’t work for the WSJ and there was no local angle on the story, I never did anything with it.
Of course, the Donkey Kong storyline made for a MUCH better story, because the score was under active contention. Plus the movie makers did an incredible job of building a narrative and a cast of characters.

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