Kid-created 3-D Newbery Diorama Quiz

I may be overexcited about this, but I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did.
These are dioramas made by kids from Craig County VA’s McLeary Elementary School. They represent NEWBERY books which the kids may or may not have actually read. (#2 is not a Newbery winner, but is more famous than many that did win.)
Can you figure them out? (If you’re stumped I’ve put the titles in the comments and you can try to match them up.)
Remember these are Newbery or otherwise classic books, not random titles. Still … the last one may be impossible to guess.
Good luck. If you’re stumped try the Comments section.

2 Responses

  1. In random order, the books are:

    The Tale of Despereaux
    Rabbit Hill
    Trumpet of the Swan

  2. 1 for 4 … I’m humbled.

    I was sure that that was the Doldrums scene from “The Phantom Tollbooth,” but that (of course) isnt a Newbery winner, is it? Sigh …

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