Travails of a potty humorist – The Incredible Invisible Author

 I just had my first school visit since reading Pinkwater’s amazing “Author’s Day” picture book. (It’s the book that makes kids laugh and authors nod and sob.)
Anyway, my experience yesterday could almost top Pinkwater’s….
I go to the school and go directly into the office to sign in. At the same time, a Civil War reenactor in full outfit comes in, too.
 I go to the auditorium and bring joy, merriment, a lifelong love of reading and good dental hygiene to a packed house.
After I’m done, I go back to the office and sign out (without the Civil War reenactor). Then I stop in the hallway to photograph some awesome kid art.
It’s at this point that I’m accosted by a school authority of some sort asking who I am.
It’s not just a matter of her being unaware of my work as an author. That would merely be run-of-the-mill humbling.
No, she seemed to be unaware that I had been into the office twice signing in and out and was ready to give me the bum’s rush out the front door.
I don’t expect red carpet treatment, but do they have to roll the carpet up while I’m still standing on it?

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