Just finished a huge chunk of revisions on the big project with my co-author, Michael.
 Oh man. We’ve made some big changes in the story mechanics, as I mentioned the other day, and now it’s like every single sentence seems to need a tweak or a rewrite or needs to be replaced by 5 pages of new text.
But it does seem worth it. It’s incredible how this story has grown. the history of this MS goes something like this….
We wrote it.
We rewrote it.
We rewrote it for our agent.
We rewrote it for the first editor, who gave it to a different editor who pointed out all these plotholes.
And now we’re rewriting it for the new editor.
And I think it’s getting better and better. Soemtimes you make a change and you look at the old text and think “what the heck was that” and you look at the new text and you think “it’s all fitting into place now!” That’s a good feeling. Helps give you energy for the 5 million more changes that will be needed.
 Here’s something wild. We’ve agreed to let each other make changes without the approval of the other. So I just sat here and slashed and burned the old copy without him looking over my shoulder. And he may be doing the same thing himself. Dude, be careful with my golden prose!

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