No Broken Linking Emergency

NPR this morning mentioned something about a public outcry over a broken link to Pinkwater podcasts and audio books. They’ve cleared it up.
I’ve heard his podcasts, but I had missed the books!
Amazing! Lizard Music is available for FREE download! Presumably read by the man himself. Wow. I can’t wait. (But since I have dial-up, I must wait.) To hear Pinkwater in person reading about model airplane glue and irresponsible sisters and late-night lizard TV…
(By the way, you did catch that magnificent pun in the title of this post, didn’t you?)

2 Responses

  1. I knew there had to be another dial-up user out there.

    And an NPR listener to boot! Are you my long-lost brother?

  2. Well, that may depend on which NPR shows you listen to.

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