Poetry Friday -Found, Free, Funchal

My long absence from Poetry Friday ends today! I’ve been inspired by a bit of found poetry found in a used book store. It was published in 1925 or so by the Thomas Cook & Son travel agency. It details the Funchal toboggan on the island of Madeira:
“… the thrill of our visit ashore,
the event of the day at Funchal,
is the excursion up the Monte
and the toboggan slide
down the
to the town below.
This feat is acocmplished
with the aid of
fleet-footed natives
who keep pace with the sleds and
encourage their
smooth progress
by throwing
greasy rags
beneath the
at the same time guiding the strange craft with long ropes.”
If you do a Google search you can see what the Funchal Toboggan looks like. And it does look neat. But it doesn’t seem anywhere near as amazing as what’s described above.

One Response

  1. I wanna ride in that big basket.

    Most Distinctive Poetry Friday Entry for Today!

    Jules, 7-Imp

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