Story mechanics – better late than never…

This crazy time-travel book of ours has been through a ton of revisions, based on input from various sources as well as my co-author and myself.
But after all this time, our new editor threw us for a loop by requiring an explanation of how it all worked. That is, how the time travel stuff worked. (She also pointed out a few glitches in the system.)
It was kind of like when Dr. Seuss asked the Berenstains what kind of tobacco Papa Bear smoked in his pipe. (In that case the answer was that Papa Bear was a non-smoker.)
But for us, it exposed the fact that we had never really thought the mechanics through all the way.
How could we have thought the reader wouldn’t want to know the rules of the game?
It turned out that sitting down and hammering it all out was frustrating, but kind of fun. And, for me at least, has added a new layer of depth to the story.

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