How cold is it? Cold enough to sing The Frozen Logger

Here’s a favorite from my childhood: The Frozen Logger, by James Stevens, the story of a tough, tough man who only succumbed to the cold because he forgot his jacket…
My lover he came to see me
   was on a freezing day
He held me in a fond embrace
   that broke three vertebraes

Well he kissed me when we parted
   so hard that he broke my jaw
And I could not speak to tell him
   he forgot his mackinaw

Wll the weather tried to freeze him
   it tried its level best
At a hundred degrees below zero
   why, he buttoned up his vest
Read the whole thing over at the Cisco Houston page:
or listen to the Dead’s version at
By the way, no, I didn’t grow up listening to the Dead, but rather to Gary King, a great folksinger that would come through once or twice a year. That’s where I learned Charlie & The MTA, Super Skier and other goodies.
I didn’t start listening to the Dead until Mr. Rossi gave Lindsay a copy of American Beauty on Freaks and Geeks.

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  1. Thanks for the plug. Odetta does a great version of it as well. Cisco is the best male vocalist of that time, but sh’e the best female. Great song in either version.

    Thanks for visiting.

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