Yahoo moments

Some people get lots of yahoo moments. Rodeo cowboys, for instance.
But for writers it can be a long time between yahoos, so I’m going to celebrate the one I had tonight.
I was writing a newspaper column  about a local outrage…
Guess where this bridge goes… Yep, it’s a bridge to nowhere. (And it’s a lot
… and I had a couple of “clever” things to say, when suddenly dots connected and I realized I had my opponents in a vice-grip of devastasting wit and logic. Yes, I literally jumped up and yelled and made silly gestures. It was a yahoo moment.
When the column is published, you can expect to see a number of high-ranking public officials resign in disgrace and for the bridge to be torn down and a public apology to be made. (or maybe the column will just be ignored like so many before it.) Either way, I had my moment, here in the privacy of my own home.
Slightly less dramatic than a yahoo moment is the chortle moment, when something you write makes you chuckle.
And even better than the Yahoo moment is the rapture moment. And uplifting of the spirit that comes upon good news from somewhere in publishing land. I had one of those shortly before Christmas, when I learned that “Llama with a Hat*” was still in the works, thanks to an amazing editor who didn’t give up on it even after I did.

2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the Yahoo moment! (Got a link to that story? Would love to check it out.)

    Here’s to lots of rapture moments this year ….

  2. Oh no, you don’t want to read the story. Totally inside baseball, local doings.

    I hope you have a rapture moment soon!
    The one I’m waiting on, I’ve been waiting on so long that it’ll be more of a relief moment probably.
    I had a relief moment earlier today when our editor said she liked our newly fleshed out backstory. Now all we have to do is rewrite the book to match. but at least we’re headied in the right direction.

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