Real Crickenburg kids reading Qwikpick

I’m so excited that a class of real-life Crickenburg fifth graders is reading Qwikpick! (Which in case you haven’t read it is set in Crickenburg.)
Their teacher is reading the book out loud to them and here’s what she told me:
If one can rate a book based on the groans that come from the class when I close the book and don’t read on to the next chapter….I’d say you have a hit!!!!
I’ll be going down there for a school visit soon! I’ll also be going to Crickenburg Middle School soon for a Black history Month reading. Yes, that’s right, the very same school that Lyle, Dave and Marilla go to in Qwikpick!

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  1. Yea! Those are the critics that matter most, of course.

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