Drama of the Co-Authors

Here’s a look at the early stages of co-authoring:
me: “Hey, I got an idea for a character named Winky Wasserman, he’s a reformed kleptomaniac.”
H: “Awesome, what if he has a magic hat that can turn him into a flying pig?”
me: “Cool, let’s write it, dude. We’ll call it ‘Swine Never Pays.'”
H: “Bodacious!”
Now, flash forward three years. The book has been sold and our editor has us working out details and making revisions:
H: “It says here that Winky’s pig nose is round. What if it were more oblong?”
me: “Quit destroying the book, moron!”
H:”OH, yeah, well you’re the doofus who cut my sentence about Winky’s childhood friend’s haircut!”

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