Skunk with Mustard: The Movie: The Game – Free Flash Game

Just follow this link to play the game right away:
You may need to click on the game with your mouse to start playing. After that it’s all spacebar.
Here’s the backstory:
You know Madge over at the Poop Deck right? She’s a kidlit author, too, and used to work with me at the newspaper. (Where she rocked.)
Anyway, her son Graham has this concept called “Skunk with Mustard” which was turned into a backyard movie recently.
The upshot is that the Skunk sells hot dogs and if you want mustard he applies it — in a skunk-like fashion.
Great movie and a great concept for a video game! So I took Graham’s drawing and gutted out the QWIKPICK Poop Game and made SKUNK WITH MUSTARD: THE MOVIE: THE GAME!

One Response

  1. Most excellent! My high score was about $12.50. I won’t mention my low score. I tend to be pretty messy when it comes to my hot dog toppings.

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