Quick update: Berenstain Bio is now a MUST READ

This book turned out to be so much more interesting than I would have dreamed.
It really is a must for those of us writing children’s books.
Because, though the Berenstains sold their book in a fashion that seems impossibly quick today, actually getting it published was a rough, tough road. Because Dr. Seuss was in charge.
The Berenstains’ account of his rapid-fire assault on their manuscript is astonishing — and worth it’s weight in gold to writers. Apply Seuss’s questions to your own work … IF YOU DARE!
But, it’s also a cautionary tale, since Seuss eventually goes too far. (And later tells them to dump the bears.)
[Kung-fu metaphor: Suess is kind of like the insane drunk uncle who teaches Jackie Chan by torturing him in Drunken Master.]
But like I said, it’s must reading so I’m not going to spill it all here*. Skip straight to the Dr.Seuss chapters if you must, but don’t miss it.
* Though I may be writing a bit more about one facet of this. It’s facinating stuff.

2 Responses

  1. I see a potential “children’s book that never was” post in the vein of
    Stan and Jan Berenstain Take Dr. Seuss’ Advice. Ha ha.

  2. Actually, there are several of these books that never were which are mentioned in the bio. Including a violent (In a Seussian way) bear family book.

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