Deconstructing High School Musical II

>>>Spoiler alert. Nonsens Alert. I mention my Dirty Dancing connection alert.<<<
 I could make a case for this movie having been based on Dicken’s “Little Dorritt,” but I think we’ll let that pass for now…
Let’s compare it instead to Midsummer Night’s Dream…
There’s a reference to “Midsummer’s Night” in HSM2, but I can’t say the plot follows Midsummer’s Night Dream all that closely. But maybe in a stripped down sort of way. it certainly has a Shakespeare-esque plot:
With two perfectly happy lovers torn apart by Conniving Lady. The only way to bring them back together, of course, being to put on a talent show and having Good Guy appear only to fulfill a hastily made pledge to Conniving Lady. But unbeknowst to him Good Girl has replaced Conniving Lady.
I can’t help thinking that if it really had been based on MSND then there would have been a donkey ear gag in there somewhere. There is a fish costume, however.
Perhaps someone who knows more about Shakepeare could name a better play as source material.
 But when Good Guy is on stage singing at the Country Club talent show and Good Girl emerges from the crowd, walking up the center aisle to the stage, one’s mind quickly flies to another classic work: Dirty Dancing, which has the same scene with the genders reversed.
Which also featured a guests AND employees talent show as the Swayze Ex Machina that brought true love to pass.
Two items:
a)Kenny Ortega choreographed both movies.
b) I worked at the hotel where Dirty Dancing was filmed and the idea of either employees or guests participating in a talent show is ludicrous to the extreme.
Another obvious cinematic connection was to the recent horror movie “The Descent.” Apparently no one could agree on an ending, so it (the dvd version) just keeps playing endings. Same thing here.
We have the climatic Talent Show reunion ending which ends with a cast of thousands cavorting and singing on stage.
Then there’s a more “emotional” ending of the cast cavorting and singing on the golf course in the “dark,” while holding paper lanterns. There are fireworks, the lovers’ lanterns magically fly away AND a meteor streaks across the sky.
Then we have one last sing-a-long/cavort-a-long at a pool party.

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