Chik-Fil-A blows this one: Black Beauty does not a happy meal make

I’ve raved about Chik-Fil-A’s great happy meal toys before, but the one I got today just stinks.
It’s an abridged version of Black Beauty, with text aimed at a 3rd grade reading level or so, I guess, which makes it less than satisfactory for many of the kids that actually order happy meals.
Futhermore, the story raises the sorts of questions one doesn’t wish to discuss whilst eating at Chik-Fil-a, mainly cruelty to horses:
 from page 5
“… the grooms whohandled me were hard tempered and hard handed. I never had a kind master. One of them used the whip often and a tight bearing rein to force me to hold my head up.”
On page, a pony is whipped and kicked.
On page 9, two horses die in a fire.
On page 11, B.B. gets “a bad inflammation in of the lungs and could not breathe without pain.”
On pages 14 and 15, B.B. is injured and permanently disabled, his friend Ginger says “Here we are .. ruined in the prime of our youth and strength — by careless and disrespectful people.”
On page 16, more abuse and a hoof infection
On page 18, we get more cheer from Ginger: “That is what they are doing, whipping and working me. I must bear it on and on to the end.”
On page 20, BB is finally pushed too far: “… the heavy load and constant slash of the whip took its toll/ In a single moment, my feet slipped from under me, and I fell heavily to the ground on my side…
 “… I thought I was going to die.”
There’s a happy ending, of course, but if you try to read through you’ll have already taken your kids home weeping and wailing and possibly needing counseling long before you get there.
I’m not knocking Black Beauty or the person who wrote this abridgement. I’m just asking for a happy meal book or toy that’s a little less depressing. Maybe something like [insert name of Beckett novel, murder ballad or Gordon Lightfoot song here.]

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