Origami Sock Monkey

I had told Cece that making an Origami Sock Monkey was probably beyond my abilities, what with needing to get a white tip to his head and then a white mouth lower down AND needing to get longish arms and legs.
But then I finally hit on a solution, using an asymmetrical fold for the white head and bringing a flap up from the bottom to create the mouth. Then the arms and legs were a matter of lots of fussing and fiddling, with each side being different because of the asymm. folding. It’s a lot of non-Hoyle stuff in the back, as usual for one of my folds.
Here’s the first attempt:
The second attempt was abandonded, due to a lack of legs, I think.
And here is the third, qualifiedly successful attempt:
 At one point he had ears, but then I tried to go for the white tip on the right ear and ended up with a big papery mess. And as I mentioned the back is in bad shape. So … he’s earless and rearless.

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