Shameless Lion Award

 I got this award from Linda Acorn and now I’m supposed to pass it on to five deserving bloggers.
At that rate everyone who’s ever existed should receive the award by next Tuesday, so I’ll break the chain and just award it to one person: Steve Altis of Plastic Pumpkins, who’s such a good writer he should be striking right now.
 I’m also supposed to mention three components of powerful writing, but I’m not sure I’d recognize it if I saw it. But here’s a bit of Trollope:
And she sat opposite to her husband, with her elbows on the table, her hands clasped together, and her coarse, solid, but once handsome face stretched over it towards him.

She sat as silent as death while he told his story, and very dreadful to him her silence was. He told it very lamely and badly, but still in such a manner that she soon understood the whole of it.

‘And so you have resigned it?’ said she.

‘I have had no opportunity of accepting it,’ he replied. ‘I had no witnesses to Mr Slope’s offer, even if that offer would bind the bishop. It was better for me, on the whole, to keep on good terms with such men than to fight for what I should never get!’

‘Witnesses!’ she screamed, rising quickly to her feet, and walking up and down the room. ‘Do clergymen require witnesses to their words? He made the promise in the bishop’s name, and if it is to be broken I’ll know the reason why.”

-Barchester Towers, Chapter 25


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