Sam & Cece’s Holiday Funland – Day 16 – Origami Santa Claus


Here are some little Origami Santa Clausi of my own design. Some of them have crossed the line into kirigami perhaps, since little snips or tears give a more whiskery look. (They also break Origami rules by being a big mess on the reverse side.)

Below is one made from a rectangle to give a bigger beard.


And for NO good reason, here’s a wrapping paper Vortex version…


Click to see full size…


4 Responses

  1. I just had to comment that my class tried to make a version of this Santa last year around Christmas. IT WAS SO HARD! I believe there is no good way to make the back of this look good. But they had fun trying, because he is so cute.
    Megan Germano
    Read, Read, Read!

  2. Kirigami gets such a bad rap. I say “hiss boo” to purism. Upside down they could be duck-billed platypuses.

  3. I think you and Cece are the REAL mayors of Funland!!!!

  4. Those are cute. I love the top picture, which reminds me of an M.C. Escher tesselation.

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