Clever kidlit press release – fight low wages with Mic Lowther!

As a newspaper hack, I get random press releases now and then.

Today I actually got on from a kidlit author’s PR person. I thought you might like to see the clever tack they took to get the guy’s name out there. The references to low wages are a great touch….

Dear Editor,

The National Endowment for the Arts published a report in November that revealed America ’s youth are reading less, especially for pleasure. The study also noted that reading less results in poor reading and writing skills. This often results in lower wages and less advancement as adults.

Part of the problem is that children have so many distractions, such as video games and TV shows. Books aren’t perceived as entertaining enough. Mic Lowther, author of Manford of Morning Glory Mountain, created the series to entertain children of all ages. Lowther shares several tips to get children to read more often, such as:

o       Introducing children to books that reflect their interests. Lowther chose a nature theme based on a family hiking trip on the Appalachian Trails.

o       Picking stories that are entertaining for adults and children can enforce reading at home

o       Choosing books that include real life experiences

Mr. Lowther also made sure that his books contain morals and values, which are often lacking in children’s entertainment. To interview Mr. Lowther or to receive a review copy of Manford of Morning Glory Mountain, please feel free to contact me.


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