Black Hand Gang Alert!!!! Calling all BHG fans!

I got the Summer 2008 Penguin catalog today and there’s a lot of stuff in there to look forward to.

But there’s one thing SO AWESOME that it’s HARD TO WAIT!!! I’ve been waiting 30 years for crying out loud!!! Don’t make me wait any longer! Somebody send me an ARC!!!!!!!!

Is it more Black Hand Gang? Not exactly, but close enough to have me in a lather!

Here’s the narrative:

I get to page 241 and see “Get a Clue” described as a “puzzling new mystery series.”

It’s two books and each one has a keyhole, through the keyhole we see clean b&w artwork!

Being a sharp-eyed Black Hander I immediately see the resemblance to the BELOVED “Adventures of the Black Hand Gang.”

The Black Hand Gang and the Mysterious House. Englische Ausgabe mit vielen Vokabeln

Could it be? The description says it’s three young detectives with a pet cockatoo! The BHG was 4 young detectives w.s. (with squirrel.)

The author’s name: Julian Press!

To the Bat Computer, Robin!

Holy!! Yes! Julian Press is the son of Hans Jurgen Press, Black Hand creator. And from what I can tell, he’s got the goods.

He’s got books out in Germany (apparently in German and French) that look like this:

Julian Press - Find the Offender – Red Coral Secret Society

Julian Press

Sign me up! I can’t wait to get ahold of these books!

To the editor who brought these books to America: “you have the makings of a master detective.”


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