Cece & Sam’s Holiday Funland Day 10 – Sock Monkey’s Online Train Set – Free Flash Game Fun

 At last! You can ride the rails with your favorite toy actor and picture book star, Sock Monkey!

Sock Monkey’s Online Train Set (or SMOTS) is a Flash game, that lets you control the train, build a new layout, create cities, farms and roads. AND you can toot the whistle as much as you want! Yes, it’s a free flash game for kids or adults or sock monkeys.


Above: a pretty busy layout, but Sock Monkey prefers one like that below…


In case you’re wondering… yes, I programmed this myself, but not from scratch. I started with source code for a tile world from a book called Flash MX Game Design Demystified. Also, if you play, you’ll notice that I didn’t check for train and truck collisions. So, no crashes!

While we’re on the subject, don’t forget the first Sock Monkey Flash Game…


One Response

  1. My favorite part is when your ‘accidently’ remove a piece of roadway and the little UPS truck goes careening across the countryside.

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