Qwikpick in the Classroom – an ecumenical, stinky, holiday read-aloud – free classroom prize pack


If you’re a teacher or librarian looking for a story to read aloud this month, try The Qwikpick Adventure Society and I’ll send your class a prize pack to divvy up.


Qwikpick T-Shirt modeled by Warty

As I explained in another post, Qwikpick is a holiday story, but it’s an ecumencial one and, I hope, a realistic one.

Since the characters are a Jehovah’s Witness, a Jew and a not-sure, none of them are actually celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25. So, with time on their hands, they get into some stinky fun. There’s poetry, Ms. Pac Man and millions of gallons of sewage.

If that sounds like something your students would enjoy, give it a try and we’ll ship out a prize pack. To follow along with the book, you may want to hold a stinky poetry contest, an origami showdown or even a penny basketball tournament to pick the winners.

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