Is Qwikpick the World’s Stinkiest Christmas story?

  + qwkcovertiny1.jpg  = new holiday tradition

This Christmas/Hanukkah/Tuesday-in-late December…

Gather your loved ones by the fireplace and read touching lines like this from your own beloved copy of “The Qwikpick Adventure Society:”

“…it felt like we could actually feel the stink particles sticking to our clothes. Dave says he thought it would gradually build up until we’d be able to peel them off like a Fruit Roll-Up.”

Yes, it stinks, but it IS a holiday story… And it’s just right for mid-grade and tween readers who are ready for something new.

Why is a story of sewage adventure and middle school angst/romance/origami set on Christmas Day you ask?

Well, that was the idea that sparked the book in the first place.

Here’s the excerpt:

“The three of us have been friends for a little over a year, but we didn’t create The Qwikpick Adventure Society until just a few weeks before Christmas.

One day at school when kids were talking about Christmas stuff, the three of us  realized that none of us had anything much to do on Christmas Day.

 Marilla’s family is Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is a religion that believes in Christ but does not celebrate Christmas. A lot of people complain about them because on some weekends they knock on people’s doors and talk about religion. However, Marilla is perfectly nice. … So, anyway, she wasn’t going to do anything except hand around the house watching videos … and she says if she has to watch The Lion King with her little sister one more time she’ll barf.

 Dave’s family is Jewish …. On Christmas Day he and his stepfather and his twin bothers were probably going to sit around and watch a football game on TV. But Dave doesn’t really like football or his twin brothers…

And as for me[Lyle], my parents both have to work at the Qwikpick on Christmas Day. The Qwikpick closes early on Christmas Eve, but then opens up a five in the morning on Christmas Day. And they have a policy that all employees, except the manager, have to work because Christmas Day is a day when lots of people trael, and that means that they buy gas and biscuits, and that means my parents can never take the day off.”

 Our heroes realize that there will be little parental supervision on Christmas. And lots of other authority figures will be otherwise occupied, too. Time for an adventure!

So why did they choose a sewage treatment plant? Because the sludge fountain was going to be shut down at the end of their year and this was their last chance to see it for themselves.


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