Blogging For a Cure Christmas Ornament


I thought it would be nice if we all had a little Christmas keepsake to remember Blogging for a Cure.

We put a lot of work into it. We wrote a lot of posts. We read a lot of e-mails. We deserve something to keep the warm glow glowing on Christmas Day.

So, here’s your own tree ornament(s) to commemorate Blogging for a Cure. (There’s a little message about the event on the bottom of each ornament.)

The only catch is: you’ll have to fold it yourself!

I’ve made three different templates. Here’s what they look like:


And here’s how you use them:

Pick the one(s) you want, download and print it, then follow the directions to fold it into a colorful cube like the ones in the picture! (I’ve got all three hanging on a wreath in the living room.)



Snowy Day:bluecube.jpg

(These are pretty large files to ensure a nice print-out.)

Now follow these instruction to turn your print-out into an ornament!

Just one thing to note:

When you get to this step:

origami water balloon base

You’ll want to be sure the gray star (printed on each pattern) is face up.

Also, these instructions are a little fussier than I am about the final steps. Just cram the tabs in there; it’ll all work out.

That’s all! Hope you enjoy them!


15 Responses

  1. Sweet of you, Sam! I can’t wait to try it!

  2. […] Sam Riddleburger has created a Christmas keepsake for those involved with the Blogging for a cure effort and those hanging ornaments on trees this year (those celebrating in other ways can still make one and, say, hang it in your window). It’s awfully thoughtful of him. Go see. […]

  3. Thank you for the effort and the artistry!

  4. Wow, Sam! That’s excellent. Thank you.

    You know, I just noticed that there is a teeny-tiny smiley face at the very bottom of this page. You’re all about spreading the cheer! 🙂

    (I mean, we knew that. But origami fun? Who knew???)

  6. Awww! That’s great, Sam!!

  7. What a nice idea!
    But I’m a little freaked-out – I spent 5 hours last night folding origami balloons and now first thing in the morning they’re in my email!
    We stick them over the bulbs on strings of lights to make strings of tiny lanterns, and sell them at the school craft fair. We got 30 orders, and now me and my friends have like 700 balloons to fold! My fingers hurt.
    It’s easier with a bone folder, I’ll tell you that for free.

  8. What a fabulous idea … and perfect today, as we have our first snowflakes of the year!! A good omen, I’m sure.

  9. How fun! Thanks!


  10. What a thoughtful idea, Sam. Thanks!

  11. I’m really glad you like them!
    Let me know if you have any trouble folding them.

    As for you, NeighborhoodLibrarian… wow, that’s a lot of Origami! Good luck!

  12. Wow, thank you so so so so so much!

  13. Thanks, Sam!

  14. You are too cool! What a clever idea. Thanks.

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