John Christopher Week — other books for young readers


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Here are a few more John Christopher books which I haven’t profiled in detail, mostly because I haven’t reread them as recently as the others.

Empty World

Empty World

This is one I really want to reread.

It’s a similar plot to “The Ragged Edge” and, even, “I Am Legend,” sine vampires.

First a boy is orphaned when his family dies in a car accident. Then EVERYONE dies. Will he find any one else? Will he be sorry he did?

This book is a great example of what makes Christopher great and his stories so memorable.

Yes, he’s got a wild setting and an exciting plot, but in the end it’s the interactions between characters that make them great. The surprising ending of this one had stayed with me for 25 years. Highly recommended.

Dom and Va

Dom and Va

I hate to keep using the word disturbing, but…

John Christopher has some very interesting things to say about this in the interview I’ll be posting soon.

My own take on it is:

This is a story about early man and early woman. He humanizes these hominids to the point where, as a young reader, I was greatly disturbed by the things that happened back before there were rules for decent behavior.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad book! It just means that bad things happen IN the book. Christopher is showing us a part of our human history and it’s not pretty.


The Fireball TrilogyI read the first book, Fireball, but didn’t know that he continued the story in “New Found Land” and “Dragon Dance.” If I can get my hands on these books, I’ll give them a proper read and review.

A Dusk of Demons

Likewise, Dusk of Demons is another I need to reread before writing about.

And what about the Lotus Caves? That one, being an all-time favorite book of mine, gets its own post tomorrow.


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