John Christoher Week – books for adults


All the books we’ve talked about so far were written for a young audience but are well worth the attention of grown-ups, too.

But, among Christopher’s dozens of books are many that were written for adults.

I have read two of these and I found both disturbing. But, I’m sure that’s what he intended

The Long Winter– (The World in Winter)

Every once in awhile you hear some person who is heck-bent on fighting environmentalism say something like this: “Climate change? Big deal, the earth’s climate changes all the time throughout geological history.”

Hand them this book. It’s a look at what happens when a race of sentient beings (us) endures a climate change. And it’s not pretty.

Also, you even more frequently hear people complaining about illegal aliens “taking out precious resources.” Hand them this book. It’s a look at what happens when the tables turn and we become the illegal aliens desperate for a tiny share of the precious resources.

You know I hate to give away plots, but let’s put it this way: It gets cold. That’s all it takes to turn the word upside down.

The Ragged Edge (A Wrinkle in the Skin)

 This book is the one that disturbed me most. Maybe as much as any book I’ve read. This is the one you give to people who think anarchy sounds like fun. Again we have a civilization in collapse. The lack of rules leads to some really awful business, delivered not in generalities but in a very personal, upsetting way.

Honestly, I would have a hard time recommending this one, not because of it’s quality, but because it’s so painful to read. Although, I wonder if my reaction to it was even more severe than Christopher intended. Perhaps it just struck a chord in me.


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