mini-reviews- Cat Picture books

I was looking through the first few shelves (A to Barton) of the picture book section at the library the other day and was surprised by the number of cat books I found. Doing some quick multiplication, I was able to extrapolate that fully 79% of all books in existence are about cats. (The rest are licensed Spongebob books.)

Anyway, here are some highlights:

“The Cat Who Walked Across France.”

No need to summarize this one, the title sums it up.

 At times I wanted more detail in the illustrations, but other times the pictures were just right. I think I may be buying this book for my mother for Christmas. (Don’t worry, I don’t think she reads my blog.)

“Kate, The Cat and the Moon.”

I took a closer look at this book because the artwork reminded me a little of the Provensens. As you know, there’s no higher compliment.

It is very beautiful and one picture could be a candidate for my all-time best list. There’s also an incredible Dream Spread. It’s well worth having a look at.

The plot is sort of a easy-going were-cat story.

“Grandma, Felix and Mustapha Biscuit.”

This is a tough book to judge, because the set-up is VERY similar to Tweety and Sylvester, complete with Granny.

However, the pictures are way awesome! (Certainly better than some of these annoyingly cloying Tweety birds we get these days.)

I also found:

Fire Cat and Fire Mouse

The Cat Who Got Carried Away (Didn’t review it bcause I didn’t have time to read the whole thing, but it had promise.)

Chin You Min and the Ginger Cat (With gorgeous Mary Grand Pre drawings.)


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