If you’ve been moved by Thanksgiving to give money to a charity, but aren’t sure which one, let me suggest:

Second Harvest.

America's Second Harvest 

I first encountered Second Harvest when writing stories about the remarkable Pastor G and his church’s food bank. Pastor G was suffering from some sort of degenerative muscular condition, yet he insisted on driving this big broken down truck to the Second Harvest Warehouse in Roanoke to get food for the food bank.

it was a great combination of Second Harvest having this nationwide system of collecting food (much of it donated by the pallette load from big companies) and Pastor G and his flock pitching in to move the food into our community through very busy distribution nights.

To learn more about Second Harvest….

You may wish to find the distribution center closest to you and try to donate directly to them.

This our local one in Roanoke: The Southwestern Virginia Second Harvest Food Bank.

This is the place that would be there to help Lyle or Marilla’s families if their circumstances changed just a little bit.

Here’s an example of one of their programs:

Salvage Program
Recovers food and product (from grocery stores) that cannot be sold (product that has been mislabeled, damaged during shipment, recalled by the manufacturer, etc.) and, under strict health guidelines, processes them for distribution to our member agencies. For FY 2005-2006, the Food Bank recovered and distributed over 920,000 pounds of food and product that would have otherwise been discarded in landfills.


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