What I’m reading now – John Christopher week’s a’coming

Still reading War and Peace, of course. If I could just keep all the princes straight! I’d look up some sort of character guide for the book, but I’m afraid it would give stuff away, like “Prince Peter: sympathetic character until he dies in chapter 96.” So I’ll just struggle on…

I’m also reading Wild Jack by John Christopher in preparation for John Christopher Week on this blog which will begin on Monday.

What’s Wild Jack about?

Oh, just a kid unfairly sent to a juvenile delinguent work camp where he’s forced to dig .

I’d be really curious to know if Sachar read “Wild Jack.” Either way, “Holes” is an incredibly original work, completely different in every other way from “Wild Jack.”

And Wild Jack lacks one of the things that made “Holes” so great: the descriptions of how hard it is to dig holes.


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