Project Gutenberg’s Free Sci-Fi


A metallic voice rasped over the loud-speakers and echoed through the lofty marble and aluminum concourse of the New Chicago Monorail Terminal. “Atom City express on Track Seven! Space Academy first stop! Passengers for Space Academy will please take seats in the first six cars!”

Yep, all this can be yours for free! I usually think of Project Gutenberg as a spot for my Victorian literature habit, but they’ve put together a Science Fiction bookshelf that has some interesting stuff on it. (I’m not sure why some of it is no longer copyrighted.)

In addition to the usual suspects, like Jules Verne and Flatland, there’s stuff like:

  • Kapek’s R.U.R. that introduced the word “robot.” (Not the world’s greatest story, but interesting for that word. They don’t have any of his other writings, which I seem to recall were obsessed with handwriting analysis.)
  • Sci Fi Superstars like Lester Del Ray, Harry Harrison and Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Voyage to Arcturus, a book that would certainly make my list of WORST books I ever finished.
  • And the “Tom Corbett, Space Cadet” series, which was quoted above. Here are the titles:

Stand by for Mars! (English)

Danger in Deep Space (English)

On the Trail of the Space Pirates (English)

The Space Pioneers (English)

The Revolt on Venus (English)

Treachery in Outer Space (English)

Sabotage in Space (English)

I wonder how Treachery in Outer Space differs from Sabotage in Outer Space?

And how’s this for a kungfu illustration by Louis Glanzman for “Space Pirates:”

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