Free Fiction: Britney and Paris Save The World

As I mentioned yesterday, snapfiction’s writing challenge was a doozy this week:

Write a story that involves a judge, a hyena, a tuning fork, a compass and six yards of the finest Chinese silk.

The great thing about these challenges is that you sit down with no idea at all and you’re forced into unfamiliar territory and you end up with something you’d have never thought of in a million years.

Mine starts like this:

“That hyena just ran off with our last tuning fork!” said Paris.

“Ding dang, y’all, how are we supposed to tune the piano now?” replied Britney with her usual swagger, as she smashed together the two remaining hyenas, crushing their skulls. 

The piano was long past tuning. The pair of celebrities had turned it on its side to block the spears of the furious tribe of papparazzi that had them pinned down in this remote Czech town.

“Hard to believe my father once owned a ski lodge near here,” said Paris, during a lull in the fighting. “Hard to believe it used to snow around here.”

“Hard to believe it ever snowed anywhere on this gosh-forsaken planet,” muttered Britney. “I’m getting seriously sick of all these hyenas, rats and kudzu.”

More…..(But not too much more.)

Madge’s starts like this:

My earliest memory was not of my mother’s voice but of her tuning fork. Each morning she would strike it against the side of my crib, waving it next to my ears as if she were conducting something — not an orchestra so much as the earliest part of my childhood. She waved the fork right, then left, then right again, holding my chin in her free hand.  more…

I hope to see some more of you rising to this every-Tuesday afternoon challenge soon….


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