Tripods – the movie

I’ve got a John Christopher week coming up, but I had to jump in and tell you about The Tripods movie, which I just learned about.


Book and BBC version

According to Aintitcool, the movie has been talked about for years, but at they noticed that IMDB now has it slated for 2009.

Of course, to a Christopher fan like myself, this is something to be viewed with trepidation. (Likewise fans of the BBC series may be on red alert, too.)

This is a tough one. It would be great to see these fantastic, wonderful books get a new boost and attract new readers.

As long as they don’t blow it. (Which I guess is what we say before every kidlit adaptation.)

And, really, I’m not sure why they can’t get it right. The toughest thing I can think of will be the depiction of the Masters. Can they be as awful on screen as they were in the books?

I wish there were more details out there. I’d like to know if they’re going to make series of movies or try to stuff it all into one. If they do that, we’ll probably end up with a series of action shots that lacks the human story that made Christopher’s book so great.

Also what about the prequel book? Surely, they’re not going to stuff four books into one movie!


4 Responses

  1. I loved those books! In fact, I have just ordered them for my sons, and I have to admit that I’m VERY excited at seeing that there’s a movie prospect out there.

    Having said that … I was excited about “A Wrinkle in Time,” too. If you saw that travesty, then you know how disappointed I was …

    Thanks for the heads-up, anyway.

  2. Yeah, that’s the problem. how many times have we said,
    “Oh great, a Black Cauldron movie!” and then lived to regret it.

    Glad to hear you’re going to start your kids on Tripods! Don’t forget the Sword of the Spirits series!

  3. Do not ever mention The Black Cauldron movie again, Sam. I’ve made my children swear that one of them will direct, produce, write or start a worldwide petition for a worthy Prydain movie, and that I will not die before I’ve seen it. I really don’t know what the problem is. Whenever I read The Book of Three, it is about the most perfect script I’ve ever seen. The dialogue is all there, as is all the action you could need. You could practically transcribe it; it’s so beautiful.

    As for The Tripods Trilogy, I remember loving those books, and being scared silly AND blown away by their Big Ideas, too. I think they might have been some of the first real science fiction I ever read, and they gave me a lifetime appreciation of that genre. I hope, like you, that the movie is up to the task. Or else.

  4. […] am reminded of a comment that Sam Riddleburger (author of The Qwikpik Adventure Society) made a few months ago: how many times have we said, “Oh […]

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