More picture book mini-reviews…

TOO BIG! by Claire Masurel and Hanako Wakiyama

It’s so nice to find a picture book where the pictures and the text both shine AND fit together perfectly.

I simply love the drawings and was impressed that the story is a REAL story that parents and children deal with all the time.

This is the stry of the beloved, but large toy. When the kid says he wants to take Large Toy to the grocery store/movies/etc.., the parent groans and refuses. But is this fair to Large Toy? NO!

Good stuff….

Halibut Jackson by David Lucas

Grandly wacky drawings are an eyeful and a brainful.

Not sure why this character had to have a nutty name, but he’s a cool dude. He’s so shy he wears clothes that blend into the background. I actually missed him on the first spread.

Nice detail: a framed photo of shy Halibut shows him with his hands over his eyes.

George by Paul Borovsky

Nice! Dog goes to school, learns to talk, teaches zoo animals how to talk.

Picture of grandpa in shock after an elephant talks is wonderful!

I thought the book needed one more illustration at the end, though. No more words, just one of those nice little small illustrations you often find to close a book. This book needed closure.

Alfred’s Party by David Ellwand

Another of those search-and-find books with a narrative that I like so much!

This one has a simple story and jampacked pictures to hunt through. these are interspersed with funny shots of Alfred, who is a dog by the way. Eventually all his friends show up for a dog party. Good times!


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