Worst kidlit movie ever?

Fuse #8 was talking about an Onion list along these lines and even linked to her own list from long ago.

(Fuse #8 is not pleased!)

But I think something was overlooked, possibly because it wasn’t based directly on a book.

But this movie might be, not just the worst kidlit movie ever, but the worst movie ever and yes I’ve seen Short Circuit II and still think this is worse.

I’m speaking of Terry Gilliam’s “Brothers Grimm.”

Like any decent dissafected kid growing up in the 80s, I thought Time Bandits was the bomb. And Brazil was genius. And I even liked the Fisher King at the time and convinced myself that I liked Baron Munch.

But no one could convince themselves that they like Brothers Grimm. It’s putrid storytelling with the worst special effects since Beowulf. (Wait, that hasn’t come out yet.)


2 Responses

  1. Am I alone or does anyone else have the strange and unnerving feeling that Beowulf already came out and was a huge flop. My husband and I were walking in the subway tunnels and I did this morbid chuckle when I saw the posters for it. So I asked him how long it would take them to finally remove these, and he gave me a funny look. I’m apparently living in a different dimension where this movie premiered at the beginning of October and died a quick and easy death. I am now attempting to figure out how to get BACK to that dimension and ASAP.

  2. I’m a big Terry Gilliam fan — including The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, no self-deception necessary, hahae. And I can’t wait for The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus! But sadly, you are absolutely right about Brothers Grimm. The only thing worse by the Monty Python auteur (and perhaps because it’s not his usual fantasy) is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. More like fear and loathing in my DVD player! 😛

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