Have I doomed my new MS already?

I was reading Matthew Holm’s post about how kids book must have a kid main character.

I even commented on it, noting that one of my favorite books as a kid was the all-adult The Pushcart War. (A must read!)

But this morning I realized something…

The main character of my new MS (first draft just finished) is an adult.

She’s a reporter, so it simply wouldn’t work for her to be a kid. I have made it clear that she’s just out of school and tackling her first ever newspaper job, so maybe she’s 19 or so, but she’s certainly no fifth grader.

Is she doomed already?


One Response

  1. A reporter, eh? Is she reporting on kid stuff? That could work — like Lloyd Alexander’s reportage through an adult first-person narrator in the Vesper Holly books.

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