review: Wow! City! by Robert Neubecker

Can I possibly write this review without saying “Wow! Book?” No I cannot.


Every spread in this book was intended to make you say Wow, just like the little girl in the book who’s taking her first trip to NY. Everything makes her say wow: airport, taxi, parade, lights, subway.

Beyond that, the book is also a hunt-and-find book. Even little kids will be able to easily find the little girl and her dad in each picture. A tougher challenge is to find the yellow dog, who pick some tough places to hide. (Hillary Clinton may also make an appearance.)


Now, regarding the illustrations. They are huge! I mean the book is big but the pictures are even bigger! I just can’t understand how he made everything so big and chunky and folk-arty but still packed so many things into each spread. Wow!

The art was made by drawing with ink pen and brush and then shipping to a computer for coloring. BUT WAIT! How did all those thumbprints get it there? There are thumprint textures in the sky, in the China Town dragon, in the Broadway lights. In the final nighttime painting, the thumbprinted night sky is just gorgeous! Wow!



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