Best Kidlit Illustration of all-time: Mr. Brown can CHOO-CHOO!


At first glance this may seem like an odd candidate for all-time best illustration. But hear me out.

“Mr. Brown Can Moo” is the story of a man who can make animal noises. He’s not fooling around. he can tick, he can tock. he can even do a hippopotamus doing gum.

Sure this is silly and absurd, but not to Mr. Brown it aint.

Some books have people going “Whee, I’m riding a magic chicken” or whatever and even the characters themselves know its a bunch of baloney.

Not Mr. Brown. He believes.  To Mr. Brown making animal noises is the The Way.

Like the best Dr. Suess characters, Mr. Brown is fully committed.

And this illustration is a portrait of a driven man…



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