Cece Bell’s Roberts Snowflake featured at Jo’s journal + breaking news

(This is Cece’s 2005 snowflake.)

Cece’s interview and 2007 snowflake are right here: http://jo-no-anne.livejournal.com/52372.html

But I’m furious about something! Cece let Jo get the scoop on the title of her next book!

I just finished a new book for Candlewick that comes out this time next year: Bee-Wigged.

I got left out in the cold on that one! That’s the book I was talking about yesteday when I mentioned that I was going to be in it!

You should go read the whole interview, but here’s a Q&A snippet I was taken with:

Sock Monkey is in print in the UK. How does it feel to be going international?
Very cool. And I love the Anglicized text. It makes Sock Monkey sound like James Bond: “Sock Monkey hired a dinner jacket. Then a limosine came and picked him up.” That sounds a bit swankier than “Sock Monkey
rented a tuxedo. Then a limo came and picked him up.”


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